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WELCOME... By visiting my website you have taken a giant step toward realizing your sports performance goals. Contrary to popular belief there are no shortcuts or secret formulas for success. It is simply the result of doing the proper training on a continuum. At Sports Performance Plus we can provide a winning training prescription for you. All you have to do is bring your enthusiasm, motivation, strong work ethic, and I will design the proper program and provide the supervision necessary to help you achieve your goals.
I am not a factory service; I train people, not bodies.

Speed Is The Essence Of Athletic Performance
Think of the possibilities if you could sprint faster and explode past your competition. You have probably read some books, looked at some videos and even tried different drills or training techniques for the sole purpose of increasing your speed. The fact is that until you really understand the science of what works and why, and how to apply it to your particular sport, the speed training you have been doing will not really make you faster. To achieve your maximum potential you must have the right knowledge, proper tools, and guidance during the training process.
As for all techncial learning, repitition is the key for creating lasting muscle memory. Using kinesthetic imagery along becoming aware of the correct feelings of the movement will to help create muscle memory and more effective transfer to a specific activity.
Under my program and supervision, I will show you show you how to recruit & develop the appropriate muscle units, energy systems, and apply the correct movement techniques that are so critical to explosive starts, improved running speed, quickness, agility.
All athletes are not created equal; I showcase that individuality.

The Science of Increasing Speed
There are four primary ways to increase running speed;
1) increase & maximize force (power) production
2) increase & maximize the application of force in less time (frequency)
3) increase & maximize the application of all forces in the same direction (forward & backward)
4) increase the application of force within the poper range of motion (stride length)

The Training Program
Whether your sport is football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey or any other sport that requires speed, agility and quickness training, you will be following the same principles and techniques used by the best athletes in the world. This can all be achieved without a lengthy contract or the high cost of expensive equipment. My training program is based on the conceptual integration of knowledge, behavior modification, and movement adaptation. My program allows anyone, regardless of age, background or level of experience, to absolutely increase their running speed, agility, quickness in all multidirectional movements as required by all sports. The secret is out; there are no secrets. Just hard work and proper training on a continuum.


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